The Solacoat

Heat Reflective System

Suitable for Metal / Concrete / Timber / Canvas / Fibreglass / Polycarbonate / PVC / Asbestos / Cement Sheeting / Bricks / Polyethylene / Polypropylene / Stainless Steel & Asphalt Surfaces.

Solacoat is a two-step geo-engineered coating system generally consisting of a primer and two coats of Solacoat topcoat. Once applied this system forms a protective cover that shields and enhances the roof/walls & other substrates, providing lower internal temperatures during those hot summer days, and/or in all year round hot environments.


STEP 1: Solacoat Primer

Solacoat offers four types of primers depending on the substrate. Either Solacoat WB Metal Primer (for metal substrates), Solacoat Asbestos Primer, Solacoat CS Metal Primer for Heavy/Mild Constructional Steel, Stainless Steel, and Steel Rail Tracks, or Solacoat CP Porous Primer (for concrete walls, tiles, and non-glazed terracotta tiles). Speciality Primers are also available for specific applications.

Solacoat WB Metal Primer, with excellent adhesion to all non-construction metals, contains proven rust inhibiting agents to halt corrosion.

The Solacoat CP Porous Primer is designed to fill relatively small imperfections in the aged but mechanically sound tile surface, and/or any porous surfaces. Addresses durability, aesthetics.

STEP 2: Solacoat Topcoat

Solacoat Topcoat is a revolutionary water-based acrylic coating that contains a unique membrane additive, which reflects up to 84.9% (cream) of the sun’s solar rays, whilst assisting in reducing your CO2 footprint for air-conditioned buildings.

A superior resistance to heat absorption, Solacoat Topcoat has a higher solar reflectivity than corresponding conventional paints. The lighter colours have a higher TSR Value and SRI Rating due to the significant incorporated technology and solar reflectance.

The beauty of the Solacoat Heat Reflective Coating System

Stays Cool

Solacoat heat reflective coating will assist the building to remain cooler during those days of extreme heat.

Saves Money

Solacoat heat reflective coating is applied at a fraction of the cost to re-roofing.


Solacoat heat reflective coating is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

How does the Solacoat Coating System Work?

Sunlight is white light, a mixture of all the colours of the spectrum. There are two primary components of sunlight that reaches our earth’s surface, visible and infrared. Visible light is what we see as colour and makes up roughly 46% of the spectrum, yet more than half of the spectrum consists of infrared light, which is invisible, and it is this infrared wave that creates the thermal heat, once it hits the surface of a substrate. There is also the UV Ray, which attacks Pigments, like the colour. Outdoor Plastic Furniture which will fade quickly in colour and the plastic becomes brittle, along with outdoor Umbrellas.

Infrared light, because it’s invisible, doesn’t affect colour but it does have a greater effect on the rate and extent of heat build-up in any building.

Absorbed infrared light is transferred into heat that warms the surface and surrounding areas. Your ordinary Pastel colours are good reflectors of this light but, they do not generally contain the additional technology, that Solacoat provides for longevity of performance and colour retention.

Conventional dark colours absorb the light causing the high heat build-up. The Solacoat Heat Reflective Coating System works by reflecting both the visible and infrared light and including 90% of the UV Rays.

Solacoat Top Coat Cream has a Solar Reflectance of 84.9% meaning it reflects that amount (%) of the sun’s rays before they hit the surface of a roof/wall back into the atmosphere. The 15.1% of the rays that are absorbed through the coating are then released by Solacoat’s high 0.88 thermal emittance value, which means the coating is then only absorbing 1.81%.

The Solar Reflective Index (SRI Rating) is calculated by using the Solar Reflectance Value and the Thermal Emittance value. The higher value indicates higher solar reflectivity. Reflecting the rays that generate thermal heat away, translating into savings for the consumer in both cooling costs and maintenance costs, and providing a positive result for the overall environment.

The SRI of Solacoat Off-White/Cream is 105.9%.

Roof Before Solacoat

With the air temperature of 28ºC

Infrared picture of temperatures at 57.2ºC before Solacoat applied

Roof After Solacoat

With the air temperature of 28ºC

Infrared picture of temperatures at 34ºC after Solacoat applied

Add Solacoat Waterproof Roof Membrane for a Heat Reflective Waterproofing System

Solacoat Waterproof Roof Membrane is a geo-engineered membrane that completely seals and waterproofs flat, non-vehicular trafficable commercial concrete, metal, timber, asphalt & asbestos roofs.

The elastomeric coating system, comprises three coats of Solacoat Waterproof Roof Membrane, leaving no more excessive heat build-up in the concrete/metal/timber, asphalt & asbestos substrate. No Primer is required for application to a Concrete Roof Surface but is required for concrete walls.

By lowering external rooftop temperatures can permit access for servicing roof-mounted equipment such as cooling towers, air-conditioning ducts, as well as ensuring a lower internal temperature in which these essential equipment units are operating in.

Flexible and durable Solacoat Waterproof Roof Membrane resists UV degradation, ponded water and many industrial chemical environments.

Due to the heat reflectance, the membrane will remain cool and should last much longer than conventional waterproofing systems, noting that we provide a 15 Year Limited Warranty on our Standard Solacoat Topcoats. 

Preparation and Application Advice

For preparation and application advice click on the following substrates:

  Benefits of the Solacoat Heat Reflective Coating System

  • Assists in preventing your building, walls, pavements, or external equipment from heating up
  • Assists in reducing internal temperatures
  • Assists in reducing electricity cooling costs and greenhouse gas emissions from air-conditioned buildings
  • Assists in inhibiting rust, mould, fungi, algae, corrosion, and thermal expansion
  • Assists in protecting properties and assets (heat sensitive)
  • Exceptional appearance and durability
  • Excellent waterproofing properties
  • Contains anti-fungi, anti-mould, & algae properties
  • Cost-effective – requires 1 x 40-50 micron wet primer and 2 x 40-50 micron thickness wet topcoats applied to the surface
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe
  • Easy to apply
  • Manufactured in NATA & APAS approved facilities
  • 15 Year Limited Performance Warranty on all Standard Solacoat Topcoats

Solacoat is Certified by

ASTM C1549.09

ASTM E1980-11

ASTM C1371-04a

AS/NZS 4548.5-1999



BS476 6-7 CLASS 0

Independent Testing

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