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Solacoat WB (Metal) Primer

Solacoat WB (Metal) Primer, to be used under Solacoat Top Coat, is a water-based sealer primer designed for exceptional adhesion to both ferrous and nonferrous metals ie light steel, aluminum, zinc-coated metals.


  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties for light steel-metal roofing/walls
  • Suitable primer for both water-based and solvent-based topcoat coatings
  • Fast drying
  • Lead, zinc & chromate-free
  • Suitable for prefabrication work on light steelwork
  • Good gloss holdout
  • Low VOC.

Areas of Application

new and old metal roofs and walls:

  • tanks,
  • pipes,
  • agricultural parts,
  • earthmoving equipment,
  • light gauge structural steel and
  • prefab production line priming.

Metal Roofs – Unpainted/Previously Painted

Apply one coat of Solacoat WB Metal Primer by spray, brush or roller at a spreading rate of 8 – 14 square metres per litre.

Minimum of 2 hours for the primer to dry before application of the first coat of Solacoat Topcoat

The second coat of Solacoat topcoat can be applied after 2 hours drying period

Approximate coverage

Covers approximately 8 – 14 square metres per litre per coat depending on the surface


Drying Times

Approximate drying times at 25°C and 50% Relative Humidity.

Touch dry: 30 – 45 minutes

Drying times may be extended by adverse drying conditions or incorrectly applied a very high film build.