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Solacoat Waterproof
Roof Membrane

Solacoat Waterproof Heat Abating Roof Membrane is a flexible acrylic elastomeric, high – build membrane-type coating suitable for masonry, brick & concrete walls, metal & concrete roofs. The high solar reflectivity, excellent UV weathering, together with the advanced formulation allows sharing of the heating/cooling burden that leads to reduced temperatures in roof & wall cavities reducing heat loadings on building interiors.

Solacoat Waterproof Roof Membrane contains no heavy metals or other toxic ingredients and so is suitable for use where collection of water for drinking or tank storage is contemplated.

Refer the document Painting of Roofs Involving Tank Water.


  • Impermeable to water
  • High solar reflectivity
  • Excellent UV weathering
  • Mould & Fungi Inhibitors
  • Long life
  • Medium gloss
  • Easy to apply

Areas of Application

Masonry, brick & concrete walls, concrete tiles, fibro cement sheeting, concrete roofs, metal roofs – flat or pitched, metal tiles, masonry or fibre cement shingles and most masonry surfaces. Primer is only required to be applied to metal roofing.

Approximate coverage

Apply Solacoat Waterproof Roof Membrane at a minimum rate of 2.5 – 3 m2/ litre per coat, for a three-coat application.

*Primer is only required for metal roofing*

Drying Times

Drying time is approximately 40 minutes per coat at 25°C when applied at the recommended rate.