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Solacoat Quick Dry CS Primer

Solacoat Quick-Dry CS (Constructional Steel) Primer, is a water-based, high opacity acrylic surface tolerant primer, that combines tough alkyd resin and zinc phosphate together with an exclusive polymeric agent. Designed for moderating temperature extremes on Mild and Heavy Gauge: Constructional Steel, Metal Plating, including Rail Tracks, Sea Containers, including Stainless Steel, Metal Roofing/Walls, and Aluminum.

Its tough flexible finish gives long-lasting protection against corrosion, weathering, and has excellent resistance to mould & fungi growth. Imparts excellent adhesion, flow, and quick-drying (same day recoat as per specification time and temps below).


  • Very fast drying
  • Lead, zinc & chromate-free
  • Excellent for use as a primer in prefabrication work
  • Primer may be left uncoated for up to 6 months
  • Good gloss holdout
  • Can be top-coated with conventional water-based coatings
  • Low VOC.

Areas of Application

Suitable for application to Mild & Heavy Constructional Steel, new and old metal roofs and walls, general prefab production line work, tanks, pipes, cranes, agricultural parts, earthmoving equipment, steel rail tracks, Sea containers. Normally over coated with conventional air-drying, spraying finishes such as Insulation. Also excellent for use on, Stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc-coated metals.

Approximate coverage

Practical at 40-micron dft

Brush or roller – 7.m2/L

Airless spray – 8. – 14 m2/L

Conventional spray- 8. – 13m2/L

Drying Times

Approximate air-drying times at 20°C and 40 microns dry film thickness

Touch Free – 30 minutes

Hard dry – 60 minutes

Recoating – 30 minutes if ambient temp is above 20°C+