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Solacoat Heat
Reflective Topcoat Colours

80% TSR | 0.20 SA
Ivory Porcelain
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Off White/Cream
84.9% TSR | 0.151 SA
Powder Yellow
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Rosie Dawn
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Smoke Ring
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Blue Trace
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Green Dash
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Tumbling Waters
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
Green Touch
70% TSR | 0.30 SA
River Gum
38% TSR | 0.62 SA
Mid Grey
38% TSR | 0.62 SA
Pale Terracotta
50% TSR | 0.50 SA
Sunset Red
45% TSR | 0.55 SA
34% TSR | 0.66 SA
28% TSR | 0.66 SA

The TSR number represents the Total Solar Reflectance.
Colours shown are indicative only.
We may be able to match a particular colour however it will depend on the quantity as we are not able to pre-tint a colour for less than 105 litres.

Total Solar Reflectance is the ratio of total solar energy, which is reflected outwardly by the object to the amount of total solar energy falling on the object. Value is usually expressed as a percent and the higher the number the better.

Solar Absorptance is ratio of the amount of total solar energy absorbed by the object to the amount of total solar energy falling on the object. Solar absorption is that portion of total solar energy neither transmitted nor reflected. Since solar transmittance and solar reflectance are measured directly, the following equation should be used in calculating solar absorption. Solar absorption =1.00 – (solar transmittance) – (solar reflectance). Generally the lower the number the better and is a critical determinant in the potential for thermal stress.