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Solacoat Clear
Pavement Sealer

Solacoat Clear Pavement Sealer is a water-based coating specifically designed to provide a clear hard sealed surface to Solacoat Pavement Coatings permitting an easy removal of surface grim, dirt and oil stains in light vehicle traffic areas and parking lots. This system can be used on low speed, heavy vehicle areas as well.


  • Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates
  • One pack convenience.
  • Rapid drying
  • Water based coating system – environmentally friendly
  • May be used indoors or outdoors.

Pedestrian areas/Light Vehicle Traffic Areas

For very heavy pedestrian foot traffic and/or light/heavy, low speed vehicle traffic. The Solacoat Clear Pavement Sealer must be applied to assist in spoilage removal for black heel marking, tyre marking and potential oil droppings. Regular cleaning of affected areas may be required so as to maintain maximum heat minimisation benefits.

Pedestrian/ light vehicle traffic areas

Solacoat Pavement Clear Sealer approximately 8 – 10 m2 / litre (2 coat system).

Allowance to be made for surface irregularities and application loses.

Drying Times

Touch dry is approximately 40 minutes and may be walked on after 24 hours and subjected to low speed, light vehicular traffic after 7 days under good drying conditions. Heavy vehicles i.e. large trucks, planes etc subject to low speed traffic after 7 days also, under good drying conditions.