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Solacoat BT (Asphalt) Primer

Solacoat BT (Asphalt) Primer is a water-based sealer, primer, & undercoat, designed to be used on exterior and interior Asphalt or Timber surfaces for use under BT Pavement Topcoat. The ceramic alloy component aids in the filling of uneven surfaces and optimizes for maximum heat reflectivity for temperature abatement.

Solacoat BT Primer can be re-coated after 2 hours under good drying conditions. Do not apply when the surface temperature is below 15°C or when humidity is excessive.

Spreading rate is approximately 6 – 12 square metres per litre depending on application (brush, roller or spray), and the roughness of the substrate. Rough surfaces will have a spreading rate of around 6 – square metres per litre and smooth surfaces will be around 10 – 12 square metres per litre.


  • Very fast drying
  • Lead, zinc & chromate-free
  • Excellent for use on Timber, Asphalt Roofs & Pavements-Car Parking areas
  • Primer may be left uncoated for up to 6 months

Asphalt/ Masonry

Fill any large holes with suitable filler following the manufacturer’s directions. Remove all dust, grease and dirt by sweeping or suitable washing. Apply one coat of Solacoat BT Primer preferably using airless spray. On rough surfaces it is advisable to back roll the wet paint with a long nap (20 mm) roller so as aid the coating of deep pits and holes in the substrate. It is not necessary to back roll the wet paint on smooth substrates.

Approximate coverage

Covers approximately 6 square metres per litre on rough surfaces and approximately 10 – 12 square metres per litre on smooth surfaces.

Drying Times

Approximate drying times at 25°C and 50% Relative Humidity.

Touch Dries: 30 minutes

Recoat: Minimum 2 hours

Drying Times may be extended by adverse drying conditions or incorrectly applying a very high film build.