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Solacoat BT (Asphalt)
Pavement Topcoat

Solacoat BT Pavement Topcoat is a non-slip waterproof hardwearing heat abating water-based coating specifically designed for minimal heat absorption on Asphalt or Timber Pedestrian Walk and Track areas, and/or Asphalt Parking Areas, and including Asphalt & Timber Roofing.

It is a pre-mixed One-coat application, Plus One coat of our Solacoat BT Primer is to be applied before coating. The product can be supplied in any of our current colours.

Solacoat Clear Pavement Sealer is recommended for use in light vehicle traffic areas and parking lots as it will assist in cleaning away any oil droppings. 


  • Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates
  • One pack convenience.
  • Rapid drying
  • Water-based coating system – environmentally friendly
  • Excellent non-slip characteristics in either wet or dry conditions
  • May be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Low heat absorption characteristics, therefore, lower surrounding temperature environments
  • The coating can be applied to any Asphalt or Timber Pathways, Tracks, Parking Lots, and/or Asphalt/Timber Roofing.
  • The coating is an excellent alternative for water-proofing Asphalt or Timber roofs, and in such a case, it is recommended to apply one coat of our Solacoat BT Primer.

Areas of Application

Solacoat Pavement Topcoat covers approximately 2½ – 3 m2/L

Solacoat BT Primer covers approximately 6 – 12 m2/L: 6 m2/L on rough surfaces, & approximately 8 – m2/L on smooth surfaces

Solacoat Clear Pavement Sealer covers approximately 8 -10 m2/L

Drying Times

Touch dry:  Approximately 40 minutes

The working time of mix is around 40 – 60 minutes if the temperature is above 20 degrees C.