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Rail Heat Shield

Rail Track Buckling Mitigation System

During intense summers, conventional railway tracks absorb heat and the steel expands causing stress on both the rail tracks and trackbed. When these temperatures persist for long periods, rail tracks can be placed under high stresses and start to buckle which can exceed the strength of the material.


Solacoat Portable Rail Heat Shield

Solution one involves Solacoat’s portable ‘Rail Heat Shield’ panel system. Which can be applied to the rail tracks with stainless steel clamps. Easy quick fix and efficient way to guard against the heat and keep your rail network on track. The Rail Heat Shield panels, come pre-coated with Solacoat’s long-lasting Heat Reflective Coating, which rejects up to 84.9% of the sun’s infrared rays and 90% of UV rays. The coating also incorporates the highest level of anti-fungi and mould inhibiters. The panels come in 2-metre lengths. 

The Rail Heat Shield panels, come with a 15-year warranty, the clamps, and metal shield’s for 20 years. After 15 years the metal shield can be recoated with Solacoat’s Heat Reflective Quick Dry Primer and Topcoat.


Solacoat Quick-Dry Heat Reflective Coating

Solution two involves painting the rail track with our environmentally friendly water-based “Quick-Dry Heat Reflective Coating System” to reduce overheating and rail misalignment. The coating consists of 1 x coat of our “Solacoat Quick-Dry Primer” and 2 x coats of our Quick-Dry Topcoat. Can be applied by either an Airless spray unit, brush, and/or roller. These coatings can also be applied to stainless steel signal boxes, and other external metal items to reduce the absorption.

Solacoat has a higher reflectance and lower heat absorption than normal white paint and our tests indicate a temperature reduction of up to 16˚C+ compared to normal conditions. Solacoat has been working in conjunction with Rail Infrastructure Corporation of NSW since 2000 and over 300km of track have been painted. In addition, the coatings have been applied by “Melbourne Metro Trains” Victoria, “VLine”, Victoria, “Queensland Rail”, and “Metro North Rail” New York, USA.

Data Results provided by RailCorp NSW