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Jan - April 2020

The product Solacoat supplied by Coolshield International Pty Ltd for the restoration of the roof of the Gold Coast Lapidary Club at 80 Pacific Avenue, Miami, 4218.  The club had the 426 square metre “Super Six” asbestos roof sprayed with Solacoat.  The roof has 4 coats of paint.  First coat - asbestos sealer, second coat -primer, 3rd and 4th coats - topcoat. The finished painted roof has the added benefit of reducing the inside temperature of the club by 8-10 degrees Celsius. The finished result totally coated the “super six” asbestos and removed the problem of asbestos fibres being free to the environment. If you require any technical assistance or advice with the product you can contact
Chris Sorensen
Restoration Project Manager


The Solacoat works like a treat! Instant heat reduction even after the first coat...airconditioned space now stays comfortable for hours instead of minutes after turning off. Our shed is 'cool' on a hot day instead of baking. I'm very impressed on both counts.

David Baggs



Firstly Solacoat has greatly improved the appearance of the roof which as a 30-year-old roof was beginning to show its age. Secondly as regards performance the most remarkable performance was the garage area where the sheets are unlined. The coating has made the garage usable throughout the day whereas before it was too hot to work during times of the day. With regards to the living areas, there was definitely an improvement of a couple of degrees and for the hot spell when we had 40 days over 30c we only needed the a/c on 2 or 3 hours during the day and not in the evening after the sun went down.

Trust you are keeping well and most certainly we have been happy with the decision we took to go with Solacoat.

Best Wishes



April 2019:

I painted the roof of my 5m x 2.2 metre colourbond workshed with Solacoat.  With a maximum 2.8 ceiling height, it had been near impossible to be in the shed after 10am in the recent summer heat wave conditions we experienced.  Solacoat has made all the difference. I can now work there any time of the day.

Anthony Creagh
Gold Coast



March 2019:

After applying your patented Solacoat products on our pathways, ramps, and handrails, it has vastly improved the safety concerns for our residents with high initial and residual temperatures being reduced quite significantly. The metal railings, in particular, were beyond touchable in the heat of the summer and this range of products has completely alleviated the problem.
Your service, information, and communication was outstanding and we look forward to utilizing the product elsewhere around our Retirement Village to continue to offer the best service to our elderly residents.  
Kind Regards
Lyndon Menhennett
Asset Officer
WA’s (ACSWA)  Excellence in Care Award 2014.
Aged and Community Services Recipient of  the prestigious
'Best Small Provider Award'  -  community engagement, innovative staff management


March 2017:

Pepsico - India Region

Solacoat is definitely a worthy product.  Before it was applied to the metal roof of our LT control room, we needed air conditioners and air coolers to bring down the termperature. It was hard to work in some areas because the roof radiated heat even after sunset.  Servvel Lubricants & Chemicals applied Solacoat to the roof.  The temperature of the metal roof on the internal side was surprisingly 20 degrees lesser than the uncoated one!  For the more warmer years to come, we would recommend Solacoat, which is a perfect solution.


Mr Shinal






Thanks for the solacoat. My contractor has painted the roof and there has been a significant difference in room ambient temperature. Before the coat, the temperature within the room with an outside temperature of 35 degrees has been often unbearable and even with air conditioning at full, the room temperature was never cool.

Ever since the coating has been applied, the room temperature is now very pleasant without air conditioning. I am more than happy for any of your prospect customers in singapore to drop me an email to assure them that your product  works if i could be of any help.

Thanks again for the solacoat.


Mr Tan
Architect based in Singapore

The difference is truly great!  If you know anyone who needs their roof painted with your products I am happy to help them!

Phillip Evans

Thank you to David Hills, Owner / Chef sending us photos of his business, Greenhills On Tweed, and Solacoat on the roof by Ian Goulding of Do It Easy Painting Services.  Looking good!

I must mention that I am a very happy customer after using Solacoat on the roof on my canopy.  I have a aluminium purpose built canopy on the back of my Landcruiser and I was always concerned about the high temperature inside on a sunny day.  Since painting the roof, just the roof, the temperatue inside is definately less than before; my laptop is not melting and the heat does not rush out the door upon opening.
A great product that was easy to apply and is also easy to re-apply when needed.

Barry Janetzki
Netz Communications

I have an Iron roofed building in the lower Flinders Ranges, South Australia.  In October 2012, I applied SOLACOAT to the corrugated iron roof.  Prior to the application, on very hot days, the temperature in the hut was very similar to the outside temperature. Candles would melt and it was not comfortable to be inside.  Since applying the SOLACOAT I have recorded temperatures approximately 10oC cooler inside the Hut. If 38oC outside, it is about 28oC inside, making it noticeably cooler to step inside.

I found the SOLACOAT applied very well with my Wagner Project115 Airless Sprayer.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product and would use it again as a quick, easy and cost effective way to cool.

Kind regards

Phil Fisher
DIY Painter of Lower Flinders Range
South Australia











The white lines in the above photograph is Solacoat having been applied to the Rail Line at 'Flinders St Station' in Melbourne Australia.  Solacoat helped to stop the rail lines from buckling.

Customer Emails:

Hello Bill & Bridget (Paint Place Cleveland, Brisbane, Qld Australia)

I write to let you know how thankful I am that you suggested Solacoat paint!  This paint is so fantastic that the upstairs area of our house no longer heats up to excessive unbearable levels any more.  We had tried to think of ways to cool our upstairs bedroom in the summer months.  Air-conditioning was not an option as our whole house is all open plan.  It is a concrete house with a flat concrete roof that heated the upper floor level during the day to over 35 degrees.  We would put the ceiling fan on and it just blew down hot air.  Sometimes we would use two fans.

Apparently the people who owned the house before us resorted to sleeping downstairs during the hot months of the year.  The room didn't cool down until the early hours of the morning.... it was awful!

Now things are different.  There is no excessive heating of the upstairs in the bedroom at all, in fact it stays the same as downstairs.  We are so relieved and sleep so much better!

So thank you Bill and Bridget.

Kind regards
Angela & Lee

Hi Wendy

Towards the end of 2008, I bought 15 Litres of Primer and Solacoat from you, picked it up at the Mitchelton store, and I have to say how well the paint works!  During the middle of the day I can easily walk on the Corro roof and it is still only warm. A small piece of flashing I left untouched, Factory paint only not Solacoat, is hot enough to burn your skin.

You always hear the good stories, but after using Solacoat Insulation Paint, I was truly impressed. When I get home in the afternoon the place is cool to walk into.

Also as you know the paint being waterbased, this makes a big difference in cleaning up after yourself as well as cost in cleaning agents. Anyway it is a great product.



Customer Testimonial Letters from Singapore....


Excerpts from Customers Letters:


Bill Sipson - Depulu Wheel Reconditioners
Since having the roof painted with SOLACOAT supplied by COOLSHIELD INTERNATIONAL the inside of the roof is cool to the touch. I am absolutely amazed with the difference and am looking forward to working in a cooler environment with obvious savings in the power. ( I do not think we will ever need to turn on the air conditioners again.)  Read full Letter...


Neil Price - Seacliff Park Foodland IGA
As you know, your contractors applied the coating to the roof of our supermarket only a few weeks ago, In the past week we experienced a day where the weather was 36º however, the temperature inside the store was so cool that we only needed to operate two of our air conditioners instead of the usual four. - Read full Letter...


Lyn Bendle - Snooze Canberra
As you predicted, our roof is no longer “baking” during the warmer months and our electricity usage for air-conditioning was much lower when compared to previous summer periods. With the roof no longer radiating heat into the building our staff morale has improved and also the lower internal temperatures created better comfort levels for customers. - Read full Letter...


Pat Brookes - Pimlico NSW
Since having my caravan and annex painted with Solacoat the difference is extremely noticeable. Prior to this the heat buildup was unbearable especially when it was closed up during the day. Now when I come home it is nice and cool.


Mr Wayne Thompson - Centre Canvas, Alice Springs
Solacoat is certainly a wonderful product. Before it was applied to the roof of our workshop it was impossible to work in some areas because the roof emitted too much heat. Once Solacoat was applied to the roof I could not believe the difference it made. I would recommend this product. It has great potential.


Scott Magill - Pioneer Hibred Australia

We have used Solacoat on the roof & western wall of one of our warehouses for the purposes of reducing the temperature inside where we store up to 700 metric tonnes in 25kg packages. Read full Letter...


AS & SM Bruce - Temora NSW
My husband and I live on a small farm ½ way between Temora and Cootamundra – about 1 hour north of Wagga Wagga in NSW. It can get very hot out here and we had to look at trying to control this in our shearing shed during the summer months.

On the day Peter was painting our shed with Solacoat it was about 40 degrees. We were checking the temp in the shed during the day while painting – it was about 38 degrees at the start – when half the shed was painted we checked the temp – still 38 degrees in the unpainted area but amazingly enough 28 degrees in the painted area.

When the shed was completely painted the degrees had dropped to an amazing 26 degrees. We can now shear & crutch our sheep in the middle of summer and we have happy shearers and workers as it makes the working environment much more pleasant.


Colin - Carindale Brisbane Qld
Having had a dark concrete tiled roof from construction on our 5 bedroom family home at Carindale, we were faced with the issue of heat control as the air conditioning system had ductwork within the roof/ceiling area.

Having a ducted air conditioner working to overcome the hot Qld summer heat was not sufficient given the extreme temperature between the roof and ceiling. I had installed 3 wind driven ventilators and one power driven extraction fan with eave vents to reduce the temperature. After all this I was very disappointed.

A ceiling remote temperature probe showed temperatures of 55c-58c on many hot days. The request for a better air conditioner to cope with the heat seemed to be the only way. This meant a big installation cost and further increases to the running cost which were already high.

Then I researched Solar Coat on the internet. Having done my own testing with samples of the product, I had the entire roof painted. Since that day I have not had another complaint from the family about the air conditioning.

Current temperatures do not exceed 38c. A huge reduction of 20c since Solar Coat was applied.

A big thank you Solar Coat for saving a problem and making the roof look fantastic. I strongly recommend this investment to save cooling costs and improve the value of any home or building.


Trevor King - Lord Byron Resort, Byron Bay NSW
It is our pleasure to inform you that we are pleased we had Solacoat and Rail Primer applied to the roof of the Resort 3 years ago.

The application of Rail Primer was the complete answer to the spread of rust on our roof. This is mainly caused by our proximity to the sea. Since the application of your Rail Primer no rust has occurred - It has saved us many thousands of dollars to replace the roof.

When the primer application was complete Solacoat was applied. We noticed the coolness in the top floor immediately. The kitchen area adjacent to our Restaurant is now pleasant to work in and air conditioning costs reduced.

We strongly recommend your products and commend your professional attitude to our problems.


Terry Andrews - Advantage Group, Black Forest SA
Having come home to a closed house after a 30 degree top temperature for the day, our house was pleasantly cool, with no need to turn on the air conditioning or open all the windows.

I am looking forward to the summer with the knowledge that even if we have a power failure, we will still have an acceptable level of comfort in the house due to our roof coating.

When it was being coated, the roof temperature was 62 degrees on the uncoated side, with a temperature of 29 degrees on the treated side.

If anyone would like to call me to confirm this letter, feel free to do so.


Colin & Ruth - NOOSA QLD
Col here from up at Noosa. Applied the paint on the weekend and despite some skepticism we are very excited with the resultant improvement in temperature. Thanks again. It’s really cooled the house down.


Garlick’s Heating and Cooling - Tamworth NSW
We were approached to look at the air conditioning in an office block in our main street (Peel St) in Tamworth. The problem was when the outside temperature got to 35c the temperature in the office would start to rise. By the time the outside temperature had got to 38c the inside temperature would be around 28c and at 40c (outside) we would be looking at 30c plus inside the office.

The options put forward was a new air conditioning plant or to pain the roof with Solacoat paint. Because of the price difference they went for the Solacoat.

The office now hasn’t been above 23c and the thermostat is set on 22c. The tenant has noted the reduction in the running cost of the air conditioning system.


Gai & Garry Kerr - Dubbo NSW

Yes the Solacoat has helped keep the inside cooler. Our Jan-Feb temps can be over 38c for a week or more at a time. This summer we have been able to sleep inside every night, whereas we have often camped out when the house gets too hot. We don’t have air con but we do have the western side of the house as stone walled rooms & there are lots of big trees shading the roof.

The Solacoat has kept inside below 30c in the warmest rooms (kitchen) & today it’s 36c out and 26c in the kitchen @ 3 pm . How’s that!


Mr Laurie Davidson - District Ranger Conservation Commission of the NT, Tennant Creek NT
I am writing this short note to let you know how pleased I am with the Solacoat product I purchased. I had my roof painted about 2 years ago and since then have saved more than the Solacoat cost in air conditioning.

I had cause to go up in the ceiling space recently around 11am. It was very hot outside and I was surprised how cool it was under the roof. I had no hesitation in recommending this product to others in Tennant Creek and there are now many satisfied users here. Thank you for a great product and money saver.


JB Whipps - Jim Whipps Painting, Lismore NSW
I have been involved in the painting trade since 1984, & in my 21 yrs I have used a number of roof & structural coatings. During that time I have not seen a product of this quality & effectiveness yet produced on the Australian market, until now.

During my 12 months experience with Solacoat I have painted many roofs on the North Coast, including my own. Every client has been amazed by its effectiveness and the drop in temperature has been quite surprising to all.

My experience with our own home has seen a reduction of around 6-8 degrees. The comfort level of our home has improved dramatically.

This is definitely a product that will change the way you think about insulating your home. It will not only make your home look great, it will protect your roof and improve your living standards in your home.

Solacoat is one product that I would thoroughly recommend for any of my clients, and I am looking forward to the future with this product.


Ian Artlett - Best Practice Irrigation, VIC
As per phone conversation, trials have gone well, all subject to intellectual property on my project, part of which is controlling fuel temperatures, already I can think of other uses for this product in my research.

What I can report is as follows under present conditions (low 30s ambient) surface temp of overhead fuel tank went from 50c to 30c , fuel inside tank appears to have stabilized temp at 30c down from near 50c even higher at times of higher outside ambient temps, this drop in temp has some real benefits in my application, and I believe this product would work in a similar fashion on pipelines (really only long tanks to a certain extent).

Product went on well and certainly looks good, no problems with adhesion, but care was taken to remove any contamination from spilt diesel on tank surface.

At this stage, I believe the product has benefits in this application and many others in the agricultural industry. I am happy to elaborate further, with some ideas. I am most interested in agricultural uses for the product.When time permits I will forward some photos of the tank and surrounds.


Mr AT Secker - Alice Springs Office, Bushfire Council of NT. Alice Springs NT
I would like to compliment you on the effectiveness of the solar paint (Solacoat) applied to our premises nearly 5 years ago. It has proved to be a great benefit by not only reducing the temperature in the building but also resulted in a reduction in costs due to the decreased use of air conditioners.

Solacoat was applied to the main building which includes the workshop and the Atco building and we found it to be much cooler, especially where the mechanics work. During the summer months it was unbearable to work in this area but now with Solacoat applied the temperature has been reduced dramatically and is therefore quite tolerable. The increased productivity and decreased cooling costs have covered the initial cost of the Solacoat many times over.


Owen G Moon - Assistant Centre Manager, Settlement City Shopping Centre, Port Macquarie NSW
The operation of the Centre’s air conditioning units have improved substantially and for a Centre of this size any effective efficiency generation is always seen as a positive. Read full Letter...


Mr David Gibson - 26 Chewings St, Alice Springs, NT
I would like to inform you of the great success of your solar paint (Solacoat) that you applied to the roof of our house. With exterior temps around 40C last summer, the inside of the house remained quite comfortable and we have not got an air conditioner.

I can recommend this product to anyone wishing to reduce the internal temperature of their buildings without resorting to an expensive air conditioning system.


PJ Hanrahan - Civil Maintenance Manager North Coast, Railinfracstructure Corporation South Grafton NSW
Rail Infrastructure Corporation has used SOLACOAT application to reduce temperatures on the following:

  • Buildings
  • Maintenance Vehicles
  • Track

The maintenance depot at Lismore utilized Solacoat on its steel tropical roof which covers the depot’s office and meal room area. This resulted in notable reduced temperature and improved comfort for staff.  Read full Letter....


Wally Ittensohn - All Purpose Pressure Cleaning Services

Attention Painters:

I have been painting roofs for a long time, over 20 years. In this time, I have used many brands of paint. In my experience, solacoat paint, from Coolshield, is by far the best quality paint I have ever used. The texture of the paint is smooth, it has no impurities, and is very easy to spray or apply. Solacoat has very good coverage and excellent gloss. This product is a high quality paint and I would recommend it highly, there is nothing else out in the market that can surpass it.