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Protecting Our Environment - Greenhouse Gas is a growing threat to our Environment:

The effects of Enhanced Greenhouse Gases are now sounding alarm bells throughout the world. We in Australia are one of the worst offenders as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics:


“Australia, as a nation, is highly dependent on energy resources. In addition to being one of the world's largest exporters of coal, Australia's per capita energy consumption is one of the highest in the world, with a heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Australia has a higher dependence on fossil fuels for electricity production (90%) than most other countries or regions in the world. “

(Australian Bureau of Statistics report 4604.0 - Energy and greenhouse gas emissions accounts, Australia, 1992-93 to 1997-98)


Because we live in a relatively hot climate, one of our largest demands for energy is that of air conditioning.This particularly applies in our work place and in large public buildings such as shopping centres. Lower power savings can therefore be made by making more efficient use of air conditioning. Reducing the amount of heat entering a building, which must be removed by the air conditioning plant, can provide this improvement.