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Independent Testing:

Extensive testing has shown that in summer, and when the Sun is at its highest point on the day, with no cloud, and liitle wind, Solacoat Cream, can reduce the temperature of uncoated metal roofing materials by up to 30°C+, creating a pleasant environment within the building., and this is based on a newly painted roof.

This can result in savings by reduced air cooling costs during summer, and/or throughout the year for areas that have a constant high heat aborption from the Sun, and a reduction of  carbon dioxide Greenhouse Gas going into the atmosphere.

ASTM International - Standards Worldwide

Solacoat has been certified by ASTM International Standards a globally recognised leader in the development and delivery of international consensus standards:


The following literature is available to download:

by Dr Tuquadbo Tesfamichael & Prof John Bell - Queensland University of Technology

by The Green House Gas & CO2 For The Environment Singapore

by Joo Young Co, Singapore

by ZPT Technology Take the Heat Out of Our School, Singapore

by Gayline International, To Improve Energy Efficiency and Conservation with Solacoat, Singapore


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