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How long will it last?

Our Promise to You is that Coolshield provides a 15 year limited Guarantee on the surface integrity and performance, if applied according to instructions. The longest standing jobs in Alice Springs are still performing after 25+ years.


Can I apply Solacoat myself?

Solacoat applies like normal paint using a brush, roller or airless spray equipment ( with a 17/18 "thou" tip.) This can be hired from most equipment hire businesses and saves a massive amount of time/effort and ensures an even spread rate. A days hire is about $150, which should be just about enough to apply one undercoat and the two Solacoat topcoats in one day if planned. However, you need to make sure the surface is properly prepared...high pressure cleaned to remove dirt , mould etc, address any rust, refer to our "preperation & application instructions pdf".


What is the spread rate?

Because of confusion over different paint thicknesses, it is more relevant to quote how much paint is required for the job. Read the application instructions but the following is a guide. The Primers will cover approx 7-10 square metres per litre - a 15 litre drum will cover approx 150m² of flat surface. A 15 litre drum of Solacoat will cover with 2 coats 105m² of Flat surface and approximately 75m² of Corrugated. Allow a bit more for porous and high profile surfaces. Refer to our "preperation & application instructions pdf".


Can I paint over existing painted surfaces?

Yes. Just make sure the surface is sound with proper preparation, and primer is applied. Refer to our "preperation & application pdf's".


How much will the temperature drop inside? "The Hotter it gets, the better it works"

This depends on location, surface material, its colour and degree of degradation etc etc...as well as other design factors, windows , west facing walls etc.  For metal roofs that can reach a Hot 90°C, the application of Solacoat Cream will bring the temperature to within 5-6°C above the ambient temperature, for example on a 30°C day the temperature of the roofing material will be approx 36°C. There are a number of testimonials that state such figures. We have reduced the temperature of diesel in a tank by over 30°C. Refer Research. Please note, that the highest performance is based on a newly coated roof.  We recommend that one checks the roof surface after 1-2 years, and if there has been little rain, and the surface of the roof has collected a lot of dust, that you give the roof surface a washdown. This will provide the ongoing coating performance.