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Cool your Roof  & Walls, and/or any external hot surface with Solacoat Heat Reflective Paint Coatings,


Using the "Latest Technology"!


"Solacoat Topcoats, now come with a 15 Year Limited Performance Warranty"


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Our heat reflective Solacoat Coatings, incorporates the 'Latest Technology', so don't be confused between the "old and the new" technologies in such coatings:

The older technology incorporates either, 'Ceramic Spheres' and/or 'Ceramic Beads', which were developed by NASA, in the 1960's.  The issue is that these coatings are very thick, 400-600 microns per coat 'wet', requires special application equipment, and generally they provide 4-5 m2 coverage per litre. 

Whereas, Solacoat heat reflective coatings, are only 60 microns thick 'wet' and can be applied by airless spray equipment using 'standard tip sizes', (17-18 Thou) for topcoat, and 13-15 thou for Primers, and provide an average coverage of 8-10m2 per litre or more, depending on the type of substrate to be applied to.

Solacoat Heat Reflective Coating Application Systems, have been well tested. Where you can be assured of application to: Steel Rail Tracks, Satellite & Receiving Dishes, Timber, Masonary, Cement Sheeting, Cement, Cement Tiles, Bricks, Glazed Tiles, Pavers, Glass, Canvas, Aluminium Roofs/Walls, Metal Roofs/Walls, Fibreglass & Polycarbonate Sheeting, PVC Pipes, Mild and Heavy Gauge Steel, Asbestos Roofing, Sky Lights, & Timber Decking Protection, plus, Plastic Water Tanks made from either: Polyethylene or Polypropylene.

We also provide a Hard wearing coating, which is suitable for "Skate Rings & Factory Floors", either in High or Low Sheen.


View Solacoat's R-Value Paper: 


The old technology may at first seem cheaper per litre, but you will require far more product, then you will need of our Solacoat products.


"I have a new coated white roof, and/or about to coat with standard white paint":


"Practically, all new pre-coated metal roof materials, are coated with: 1 x coat of primer, providing 4-6 microns of dry coating, and 1 x topcoat colour, providing 12-20 microns of dry coating".

The issue is, that such pre-coated metal roofing, even in white, and/or pastel colours, provide a high level rejection of the Suns Visible Rays, which is what we see as colour, and Invisable Infrared rays initially, which create the thermal surface heat, together with the suns, UV (Ultra-Vilolet) rays, which attack the Pigment (Colour) in the coating, and then these properties generally start to degradate quickly. This is the same situation with applying Standard exterior paint coatings, because they generally do not incorporate such technology as we do in our Solacoat Heat Reflective Paint Coatings, where a high rejection of the suns Solar rays, and UV rays continues to work much longer, up to 15 years or more.

This same situation occurs with Plastic Outdoor Furniture, Beach Umbrella's as an example!  Have you ever noticed how quickly they lose their colour, and if metal, Corrosion Starts! This is because the UV rays have attacked the Colour Pigment, and once this occurs, the entire membrane completely starts to fail. It is also the UV rays which attack our Skin.


No matter how well a building's roof and walls are insulated, remembering that, Insulation was totally designed to "keep the heat in during those cold winters", which is what it does in those hot summer months "stores the heat" that has radiated through the roof & westerly facing walls. A building's thermal performance can be improved by making it reflect a high percentage of Solar Rays to reduce the absorption of heat during the summer months. Insulation material has a "Low Emissivity Value", meaning that it is slow in removing heat, where our coatings have a "High Emissivity Value", meaning that as the ambient temperature drops, so does the surface temperature of the coated substrate.

Solacoat's range of the products reflects the percetage of the suns solar rays your building and pavement absorbs, thereby assisting in lowering the heat built up on all construction surfaces.  An immediate benefit of using Solacoat during new construction or refurbishment of non-insulated and old insulated buildings, should provide a result in lower energy costs, increased human comfort levels and the lowering of the environmental impact.

Solacoat is a "Certified Worldwide Award Winning" environmentally and sustainable solution that can assist in reducing the heat build-up in buildings, during those hot summer days, which provides a high rejection of infra-red rays from the sun.

Solacoat can be applied to houses, commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, factories, shopping malls, cold storage areas, animal refuges, storage facilities, railway tracks, pavements, concrete and pvc external pipes, and even canvas.  Manufactured in NATA and APAS world's best practice facilities, this non-hazardous product assists in reducing heat from entering a building or home.


"I had my roof painted about 2 years ago and since then have saved more than the Solacoat cost in air-conditioning, 2008."
Mr Laurie Davidson, Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory


What is Solacoat?

Solacoat is a revolutionary water-based acrylic coating that contains a unique membrane additive, which reflects the suns solar rays, whilst assisting in reducing greenhouse gas emissions for buildings that are air-conditioned. 

The percentage of the rejected solar rays will vary depending on the actual colour being applied.  The percentage of the solar rays being rejected, are based on a newly coated roof either corrugated, flat or pitched.  Solarcoat Dark Colours, provide less solar reflectivity then the Pastel Colours. 

Architecturally, Solacoat presents an exceptional appearance, durability, with excellent waterproofing properties and a protective coating in lieu of standard paint finished coatings.

Please refer to our colour selection page for more details.

Our Solacoat Off-White/Cream has a TSR Value of 84.9% or an Absorbance Value of 15.1% New, with an SRI of 105.9 (TSR + Emissivity), and our Solacoat White has a TSR Value 80% or an Absorbance Value of 20% New, with an SRI of 98.95 (TSR + Emissivity) .



Why use Solacoat Coatings?

Reduce heat from getting in with a reputable heat reflective and cost effective coating.  Solacoat requires 1 x 50 micron thickness wet of Primer and 2 x 50 micron thickness wet topcoat applied to the surface.

  • Assists in preventing your building from heating up
  • Assists in preventing your walls and pavements from heating up
  • Assists in reducing internal temperatures
  • Assists in reducing electricity cooling costs
  • Assists in reducing green house gas emissions for air-conditioned buildings
  • Assists in inhibiting rust, corrosion and thermal expansion, ensuring durability
  • Assists in protecting properties and assets (heat sensitive)
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally safe and friendly
  • Assists in conducive and liveable environments
  • Contains anti-fungal and anti-mould properties
  • Easy to apply
  • 15 year limited warranty
  • Manufactured in NATA & APAS approved facilities.
  • Certified by ASTM International Standards a globally recognised leader in the development and delivery of international consensus standards:
    • ASTM C1549-09 - 'Standard Test Method for Determination of Solar Reflectance Near Ambient Termperature Using a Portable Solar Reflectometer
    • ASTM E1980-11 - 'Standard Test Method for Calculating Solar Reflectance Index of Horizontal and Low Sloped Opaque Surfaces'
    • ASTM C1371-04a - 'Standard Test Method for Determination of Emittance of Materials near Room Temperature Using Portable Emissometers'

"Solacoat is easy to apply, as it is only 60 microns wet (per coat) and dries to approximately 30-40 microns per coat & unlike normal paint coatings, Solacoat will keep performing for a minimum of 15 years".


Safe at Work - Working in Heat

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For a more favourable and liveable environment with the added benefit of reduced electricity bills, during those Hot Summer Days, we believe Solacoat is a smart solution!


Solacoat continues to Win Awards for over 12 years:

2008 - 2020



Global Business Insight
Heat Reflective Roof  Coating
Supplier of the Year 2018 - Australia

Leading Providers of
Roof Cooling Coatings 2018

Best Industrial Heat Reflective
Coatings Provider 2018


Excellence in Asia Pacific Awards 2017
Most Innovative in Energy Efficient
Home Solutions Australia


Queensland State Business Awards
Best Industrial Heat Reflective
Coatings Provider 2017



Member of the Avetta Consortium

Australia Heat
Reflective Coating Company

Year 2015

Solacoat won two prestigious
Silver Awards for 'Heat Reflective Coatings'
& 'Pavement Coatings

Certified by ASTM

Operates ISO 9001:2015
International Standards


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